Opening Friday, 9/14: The Wife

Be sure to catch this film at Pocono Cinema about a crumbling marriage, divorce, love, women's roles, and the price of fame. 

Sunday, 10/14: Cinema Book Club Chat on The Wife

Join us on Sunday at 2:00 to discuss the movie and the novel by Meg Wolitzer. I think we'll have much to discuss about fame, marriage, and society.

Sunday, 11/4: Cinema Book Club Chat on The Book of Unknown Americans

We are once again a site to chat about ESU's One Book, One Campus selection. This novel is one that will be talked about all fall on campus, with events about society, immigration, poverty, and other topics. Check out ESU's website for additional talks that are free for the community.

Wednesday, 11/7: Author Visit: Cristina Henriquez at ESU
Be sure to get your ticket for the author's talk about writing, her experiences, and her book, be sure to get a ticket now.

For more information about the book club, contact