Pocono Cinema & Cultural Center’s COVID 19 Plan

In the past, Pocono Cinema & Cultural Center has prided itself on striving to be the cleanest environment for patrons to enjoy watching films in. Now we are taking additional steps to ensure that we have a safe place as well for patrons to enjoy going to the movies with friends and family. 



FACE MASKS REQUIRED: For the safety of our everyone, Pocono Cinema will require that face masks be worn throughout our building. Masks may be removed when eating and drinking inside the auditorium only.  Cafe dining is closed.


SOCIAL DISTANCING: Please practice social distancing.  We ask that there will be no congregating in the lobby area.  Pocono Cinema is a small theater.  Please help restrict the number of people waiting in line for café by saving your seat before going to the cafe or by limiting the number of people from your party waiting in the cafe line.


CAFÉ:  Self serve items such as sugar and coffee will no longer be available on the counter.  All self serve items will be given to you by café staff.


CASHLESS PAYMENTS ARE PREFERRED:  Pocono Cinema would prefer that patrons pay with a credit card or debit card, but we will still accept cash if necessary.


HAND SANITIZER:  Hand Sanitizer is provided at the box office desk and at the top of the hallway leading to the theaters.


SEAT WIPES:  Disinfectant wipes will be provided upon request to patrons who wish to further wipe down their seating area.


SEATING:  Every other row of seats will be blocked off from seating.  If someone, not in your group, is already seated in an open row, we would ask you to sit in an empty row.



FACE MASKS REQUIRED:  For the safety of our everyone, Pocono Cinema will require that face masks be worn by staff throughout our building and they will be provided to the employees.  


GLOVES REQUIRED:  Gloves will be required for all food handling in the café and will be provided to the employees. Frequent handwashing and changing of gloves are required.


SANITIZING:  High contact surfaces will be sanitized frequently and after each movie set starts, the employees will do a deep cleaning of the outside theater door handles, all handrails, countertops and restrooms.  Pocono Cinema employees will also close the building in between each movie set to do a deep cleaning of the theaters.